Rangers v Stirling University – Match Preview – SWPL 1

New Tinto Park, Kick-off: 2pm

Rangers host Stirling University at New Tinto Park as both sides try to reach fourth

Rangers are themselves looking to recover from a painful 9-0 defeat to Hibernian, the second heavy defeat they’ve suffered from the title favourites. However, before that, they had won two games in a row as they look to move higher up the table.

Stirling University is no longer engaged in a relegation battle and is now looking to finish high up the table. They are now actually three points behind fourth-placed Rangers and just two behind Rangers. They are showing themselves not only just to be a hard side to break down, but a dangerous attacking team.

In the second game of the season, also played at New Tinto Park, Rangers won 4-1 with two late goals making the result more convincing. At the game played at Stirling University, Stirling won 1-0.

Whoever wins, will end up at least fifth, whereas if Stirling loses – they could drop to seventh.


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