Glasgow City v Celtic – Match Preview – SWPL 1

Excelsior Stadium, Kick-off: 1pm

SWPL 1 leaders Glasgow City host Celtic today.

With six games left to go, Glasgow City is closing on the historic tenth title in a row. They’ve just lost one of their fourteen games, and their recent results, including beating Rangers 7-0 show have been highly impressive. The recent additions of Keeva Keenan and Hayley Rosen have improved their squad’s depth, and as they approach the key part of the season, they can’t ignore the threat Celtic pose.

Celtic seems to have secured third place, and they are looking to make the next step as they try and secure Champions League football – and to do that, they will need to take points off the top two sides like Glasgow City and Hibernian. They’ve won their past two league games 5-0, however, they’ve lost 3-1 to Hibernian in the Scottish Quarter-Final.

Glasgow City has won both games against Celtic this season. The first game saw City win 1-0 whilst the second was a more epic affair with City still winning, but this time 3-2.


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