Inverness City v Queen’s Park – Match Preview – SWPL 2

Millburn Academy, 21 August 2016, Kick-Off: 12:30pm

Earlier on in the season, this game may have seemed like a dead heat between who would finish seventh and eighth in the SWPL 2. Not anymore, though.

In recent games, both Inverness and Queen’s Park have beaten Buchan and now both sides have a real possibility of securing safety with the gap between seventh and sixth just five points.

It is Queen’s Park who goes into the match with the points advantage – two points ahead of Inverness, having won two matches this season.

Neither side has managed to hit the levels that they would have hoped for this season, but they have to look forward to the remaining eight games to achieve what had seemed impossible.

Earlier in the season, it was Queen’s Park who ended up on top, beating Inverness 4-3 in an absolutely epic game. With Buchan playing Hamilton, it is possible that whatever the result, the gap between the relegation zone and safety places will be reduced.


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