SWFL Division Two League Cup Semi-Final Replay

Clarification: Tartan Kicks would like to make it clear that the error this article talks about was an SFA error, and not an SWF error.

The Semi-Final between St Roch’s and Dundee United in the SWFL Division Two Cup will be replayed today.

The original game on 29 May 2016 saw Dundee United win 4-1, but Tartan Kicks believe that the game is being replayed over the eligibility of Derrian Gollan. Gollan, who Dundee United had signed from Forfar Farmington, played in the Semi-Final win.

But, because she had played (and scored) for Forfar in the SWPL Cup, she was ineligible to play.

According to the Competition Rule 20(f):

Any team fielding an ineligible player in a League fixture or a League Cup tie may have points deducted from its points total in the Lague, or the result being awarded 3-0 in the favour of the opposing team, and/or be liable to other such penalties as the Management Committee may decide.

However, this is where things get interesting. Tartan Kicks has evidence that Dundee United enquired with the League Administrator over Gollan’s eligibility. The club was told incorrectly that she was able to play, and so she did play – making her debut as a substitute with the score 3-1 to Dundee United.

The League Committee’s initial decision was to allow the result to stand since the club had acted correctly, but they questioned whether or not Derrian Gollan should have known that she was ineligible.

It is perhaps because of this factor, that the Committee has now decided to replay the game. Although, if Tartan Kicks is correct, there needs to be answers to both clubs about how this situation arose.


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