2016-17 UEFA Women’s Champions League

Today saw UEFA announce the entrants for the 2016-17 UEFA Women’s Champions League. The Final will be played in Cardiff on 1 June 2017.

The winners of the 2015-16 tournament, Lyon, along with the top two clubs from the 11 highest ranked associations all receive a bye into the Round of 32. This means that both Glasgow City and Hibernian will begin their campaign in the Round of 32, although, unlike Hibernian, Glasgow City will be seeded. The Norwegian champions also are given a bye to the Round of 32.

Photo: Tommy Hughes. Taken from Glasgow City 0-3 Chelsea in the 2015-16 Champions League
Photo: Tommy Hughes. Taken from Glasgow City 0-3 Chelsea in the 2015-16 Champions League


Glasgow City has developed a great European pedigree over the recent years, and it is down to their success that Scotland now has two spots. Their highlight came in the 2014-15 UEFA Women’s Champions League where they reached the quarter-finals where they were knocked out by PSG. This is still the furthest a Scottish side has gone.

This will be the fourth time Hibernian has played in the UEFA Women’s Champions League, although, the last time they did so, it was known as the UEFA Women’s Cup. Each time, they failed to progress from the Qualifying Group (2004-05, 2006-07, 2007-08) so already they have had their most successful European campaign.

Round of 32

Below is the seeding for the Round of 32:

Seeded To Be Decided Unseeded
Lyon (France) 114.410

Wolfsburg (Germany) 116.535

PSG (France) 85.615

FC Rosengård (Sweden) 74.410

Fortuna Hjørring (Norway) 51.705

Brøndby IF (Norway) 50.705

Barcelona (Spain) 49.695

Rossiyanka (Russia) 44.365

Glasgow City (Scotland) 39.900

Sparta Praha (Czech Republic) 36.550

Bayern München (Germany) 34.535

Zvezda-2005 (Russia) 32.365

Brescia (Italy) 27.705

Verona (Italy) 25.705



Slavia Praha (Czech Republic) 25.550

Chelsea (England) 24.830

Austria (Runners-up)*

Eskilstuna United DFF (Sweden) 21.615

LSK Kvinner (Norway) 21.405

St Pölten (Austria) 18.065

Manchester City (England) 16.830

Athletic Club (Spain) 13.695

Hibernian (Scotland) 9.900

*Neulengbach (41.065) or Sturm Graz (10.065)

Hibernian will face a seeded team, but cannot be drawn against Glasgow City as teams from the same associations are kept apart until the Quarter-Finals.

Qualifying Round

The Norwegian runners-up, Avaldsnes IL, and the champions of the other 35 associations will face the Qualifying Round, which takes place between the 23 and 28 August.

The Qualifying Round draw will take place on 24 June at 13:30 CET in Nyon, with nine groups to be decided. Their are four seeding positions with nine sides in each. The home club has been decided for each group, and they are as follows: Apollon, Twente, PK-35 Vantaa, SFK 2000 Sarajevo, Medyk Konin, Osijek, Pomurje, Wexford Youths and Cardiff Mett.

The nine group winners will progress into the Round of 32 which takes place in October.

Key Facts

The Faroese champions KÍ Klaksvík retain their record of appearing in every single season of the UEFA Women’s Cup/Champions League, the only side with that record, however they have never progressed past the Qualifying Round.

For the first time ever, Kosovo will have a representative in Hajvaia. Hajvaia are alongside another seven debutants. Avaldsnes, Ramat HaSharon, Newry City, Breznica Pljevija all enter the Qualifying Round. Eskilstuna United and Manchester City will enter in the Round of 32.

The final place in the Round of 32 will either go to the Austrian runners-up, which will either be Neulengback or Sturm Graz.

Lyon and Wolfsburg, who both contended in last season’s final, are the only past European champions in this season’s competition. PSG, Fortuna Hjørring and Zveda-2005 have all been runners-up.


Qualifying Round Draw: 13:30 CET, 24 June

Qualifying Round: 23-28 August

Round of 32 Draw: 1 September

Round of 32: 5/6 & 12/13 October

Round of 16 Draw: 17 October

Round of 16: 9/10 November & 16/17 November

Quarter-Final and Semi-Final Draw: 25 November

Quarter-Finals: 22/23 & 29/30 March

Semi-Finals: 22/23 & 29/30 April



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