Glasgow Girls P-P Queen’s Park – SWPL 2

The game between Glasgow Girls and Queen’s Park has been postponed due to the away team unable to put out a team.

The result will go down as a 3-0 win to Glasgow Girls, but it is possible that the SWPL will take further action if they want to. The relevant SWPL rules are below:


10. League Fixtures

(c) If a club wishes to apply for a postponement of a fixture date such notification must be made to the League Administrator at least 7 working days prior to the date of the originally scheduled fixture. Such application must be made in writing, containing the reason for the application, the opposing club’s approval and the newly agreed fixture date from the list of approved Reserve Fixture dates for each League. A fee for application of postponement may be charged to the club(s) in question.

(h)  Any club without just cause failing to fulfil its fixture obligations in respect of any such match in the League on the appointed date or dates shall be liable to such sanctions as the Management Committee may determine, but not limited to including the deduction of points, fine or expulsion.

(i) Any club failing to fulfil its fixture obligations shall be liable to pay compensation for any actual expenses incurred as a direct result of its failure. The amount of compensation payable in these circumstances will be determined by the Management Committee, and shall be based upon the current tariff approved by the Management Committee.


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