2016 Homeless World Cup Draw

The draw for the 2016 Homeless World Cup has been made today. The tournament will be held in Glasgow’s George Square between 10 and 16 July. Mexico is the defending champions, whilst Scotland finished seventh in the 2015 tournament which was held in Amsterdam.

The First Stage Groups are:

Group A

Country Rank
India 5
Guatemala 14
Chile 2
France 13
Argentina 3
Greece 15
Mexico 1
England 10

Group B

Country Rank
Netherlands 6
Kenya 12
Scotland 7
Kyrgyzstan 11
Wales 8
Ivory Coast 15
Norway 4
United States of America 9


These rules are taken from The Homeless World Cup website:The Homeless World Cup football tournament has its own special rules.

The Homeless World Cup football tournament has its own special rules.

The fast-paced games are 4-a-side and played in two halves of seven minutes each, with a one minute break for halftime. Women’s and men’s teams compete for separate cups—however women can play on the men’s teams. Each team consists of up to eight players, four of which — three field players and one goalie — are on the court at a time.

• Players can only compete in a single Homeless World Cup tournament.
• During tournament play, winning teams receive three points; losing teams receive none.
• There are no ties; if a match ends in a draw, it is decided by a sudden-death penalty shootout.
• In matches decided by a penalty shootout, the winning team gets two points and the losing team gets one point.
• The pitch is 22 meters long by 16 meters wide.
• A size five ball is used


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