Patreon Page Launched

Tartan Kicks has launched a Patreon Page:

How It Works

Patreon is a form of crowd-funding. But unlike something like Kickstarter, you set up a monthly subscription. And in return for that, you receive subscriber-only content from Tartan Kicks. At any point, you can cancel your subscription and you will only pay the amount you specify. So if you give £1 a month, you will pay £12 over a year.

What Your Money Will Be Spent On

To me, Tartan Kicks is much more than a magazine. I want it to be the premier media organisation for Scottish Women’s Football, with not only news and interviews – but podcasts, videos, highlights and even internet shows. Sitting here writing this, it seems a long way away but it is possible. It does require funding and complete focus on the project.

With your support, not only will I be able to produce monthly informative magazines, but I will be able to develop the website to provide a regular news source that employs writers and photographers across the country. The first thing your support will go towards will be producing the best possible website for Tartan Kicks.

Once that is developed, it will go towards helping develop Tartan Kicks to become the best possible source for Scottish Women’s Football it can be.

Thank you for your support and generosity,

Tim Oliver
Tartan Kicks’ Editor



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